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Ultra Lightweight Black Adjustable CrossFit Speed Rope

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Product Description

This black adjustable speed rope is the perfect starter rope for beginning CrossFit athletes, or veterans that haven't yet mastered the art of the double under.

  • Total weight under 3 oz, making this the lightest style of speed rope on the market
  • Customizable and adjustable cables will fit athletes of any height
  • Steel-braided cable construction with protective black PVC coating
  • Rubber end caps protect the cable from fraying
  • Long handles increase wrist leverage, increasing ability to turn the rope with less effort
  • Bushing style handles significantly reduce friction, allowing for virtually effortless rope turns, minimizing arm and shoulder fatigue

On a side note - This is the exact same rope that I used to complete 10,000 double unders within a 30-day span.

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