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Elastic Zip No-Tie Shoelaces - Variety of Colors - 48"

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Product Description

Did you know that the shoelace as we know it has been basically the same since 1790?

That's over 200 years! Nice staying power, but come on... Surely there has to be a better way to secure your shoes to your feet by now!

These elastic zip no-tie shoelaces are your answer. Using the same technology that you used to shoot rocks from your slingshot when you were a kid, these laces quickly zip to your feet with the no-tie system. They then stretch when you need them to be flexible, and secure your shoes to your feet when you don't.

Use the no-tie zip system to easily loosen and tighten them in just seconds. No more putting the bunny through the hole in the dark, or fighting tirelessly with shoes that just won't flex.

  • 48" in length. Easily cuts to size and secures with the provided snaps and locks
  • Fits any type of shoe with holes for laces
  • Allows you to pop your shoes on and off within seconds with a perfect fit
  • No need to tie, untie, or re-tie, EVER AGAIN
  • Will not slip or loosen as you wear them
  • Get the perfect fit every time
  • Say goodbye to double knots forever
  • Great for all types of sports and activity
  • Comes in a variety of stylish colors
  • Sorry - Your cats will still chase them

Available in Black, Blue, White, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Red.

Installation Walkthrough

Below we have a pair of my Reebok Nanos which I always left double knotted because they had a tendency to come untied and I hated when they didn't fit well, especially during intense workouts. These elastic shoelaces were a perfect solution to them, and gave them all sorts of new life!

Your new elastic shoelaces will install in just a couple of minutes. Say goodbye to your laces coming untied and double knots that are impossible to get out.

Just follow these simple instructions to install them!

1. Remove your original laces, if you can get the horrendous double knots out of them

remove original shoelaces

2. Lace up each shoe with your new elastic locking shoelaces, checking to make sure each one is the same length along the way. You may want to put your cat in the other room. This will otherwise be impossible

lace up each shoe

3. Lace each shoelace all the way to the final hole, or second to last hole, depending on comfort. You'll be cutting your laces to length in the next step. It's better to cut too long than too short.

laced up elastic shoelaces

4. Go ahead and slip each shoe on your foot in order to get a good fit.

Once each shoe is on, find the two locking clips that came with your elastic shoelaces. Compress the spring by squeezing between your thumb and forefingers. Insert each end into the locks and pull them through a few inches.

install elastic shoelace lock

5. Once the locks are installed on each shoe, tighten the laces to your preferred level of comfort. Now compress the spring and slide the lock to the tongue of your shoe.

Stand up and walk around to make sure you've got them how you want them.

elastic laces before cutting

6. Once you've got your elastic shoelaces how you want them, grab a pair of relatively sharp scissors (to avoid fraying) and snip the ends a couple of inches from the lock. Remember that it's better for your laces to be too long at this point than too short. Measure twice. Cut once.

cut your elastic shoelaces to length

7. Once you've got your laces cut to size, find the two end caps that came with your laces. Insert the two ends exactly as shown in the photo. Find the separator in the end cap and tuck each end on the side of it. Press with your thumb to make sure the laces are in place.

install the end cap

8. Now, snap the end cap together with your thumb and forefingers. You should hear an audible click. Your laces will now look like this.

elastic laces end cap installed

9. At this point you can adjust as needed. I prefer to tuck each end into the laces, but if you want a cleaner look, you can cut your laces all the way to the lock. Just be careful not to cut them too short.

elastic laces installed

10. Congratulations. Your elastic laces have been installed and you're ready to roll. You'll never have to tie your shoes again, and they'll always fit perfectly!

elastic laces installed and ready to roll

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