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3 Piece Massage Ball Set, One Lacrosse Ball and Two Spike Trigger Point Balls

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Product Description

Lacrosse balls are great for deeply targeting specific muscle groups that often get tight and can be difficult to reach with a foam roller. These are muscles like the upper back, chest, shoulders, and glutes.

The front of the body can be reached easily with a lacrosse ball by pressing the ball into the tight area with your hand. The back of the body can be reached by pressing against a flat surface such as the wall or the floor.

This set includes one standard lacrosse ball and two larger spiked balls. The standard lacrosse ball is great for targeting larger muscles such as the glutes, legs, chest, back. and shoulders.

The small spiked ball is more aggressive at a similar size, helping you to loosen those stubborn knots that the standard lacrosse ball will not get.

The large soft spiked ball is more commonly used for a gentler massage, which is great for warmup or cooldown type mobility work.

A few minutes of work per day with this lacrosse ball massage set can avoid upwards of $75 per session of massage therapy.

Product Specifications:
  • Each Kit Includes a instruction guide and carrying case
  • Yellow Lacrosse Ball - 2.4"
  • Dark Green Hard Small Spiked Massage Ball 2.4"
  • Light Green Soft Large Spiked Massage Ball - 3.5"

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