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The 3 major problems with most earbud bluetooth headphones, and our answer

The 3 major problems with most earbud bluetooth headphones, and our answer

Aside from people doing curls in the squat rack, there's nothing worse during a workout than a set of bluetooth headphones that I have to keep messing with to get them to stay in my ears. It's distracting, annoying, and unsafe.

There are a few reasons this happens that are major problems with most bluetooth earbud headphones.

Let's go over them here and then explore our solution which solves all three.

Problem 1: The controls are built into the wire

in line volume controls

It's easier to manufacture bluetooth headphones when the volume and track controls can be part of the wire, not the earpiece. Even some of the higher end brands do this.

It might seem like a good idea, because they're a little bit easier to get to, but what this actually causes is an imbalance in the wire that connects each ear piece. This adds a lot of weight to one side.

If you're using your bluetooth earbuds for any sort of activity, even walking. and especially running, the wire ends up bouncing around against your neck and shoulders.

This is not only annoying, but it can pull the wire from your ear as well as disrupt the bluetooth connection.

The answer is to this design problem is to build the controls, charging port, microphone, etc, into the earpieces. This eliminates the imbalance caused by the bulky insert in the cord, and causes the wire to be much lighter as well.

in ear controls bluetooth headphones

Problem 2: The earbuds fall out

The cheaper headphones on the market are manufactured with a "straight-in" design, which inserts the earbud straight into your ear. But there's a big problem with this.

Your ear canal does not function this way. It angles slightly down and towards the front of your face. Go ahead and check. I'll wait. :)

So how does a "straight-in" earbud design even work? It doesn't. Unless you're not moving at all, these types of earbud bluetooth headphones almost always fall out even with the slightest bit of activity.

The answer is to build an earpiece that fits the human anatomy. By building the earpiece at the same angle as the ear follows, slightly angled forward, it stays securely seated in the ear once inserted, even through intense activity. I've personally run an entire half marathon with a set designed like this and didn't have to adjust them a single time.

angled earpiece bluetooth headphones
Problem 3: They're just way too expensive

Even if you don't have problems #1 and #2, everyone can agree with this one. Most earbud bluetooth headphones are just way too expensive.

No matter the brand, what you're paying for is a tiny piece of bluetooth hardware and a couple of very tiny speaker drivers.

There is no reason anyone should have to pay $100 - $200 for a set of these things, or even close to that.

If you trust a particular brand, that's fine, go with theirs if they're priced well, but don't fall into the trap of paying hundreds of dollars solely for a certain look or certain brand name. The performance difference is marginal at most.

I've spent the last several months trying out several different brands myself, trying to find a set to offer on our website that solves all of the problems from above, that we can ship quickly, and that offers a style that is attractive to our customers.

I'm happy to say that I've finally found a set that does the job extremely well.

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