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Five Reasons to Get an Active Flexible Wedding Band

Five Reasons to Get an Active Flexible Wedding Band

I started wearing active flexible wedding bands a couple of years ago. At first I just figured I'd give it a shot to see how they felt, but after a few bad situations with my expensive space metal wedding band - one of which involved metal lodged in my finger - I've made the switch to these permanently for more reasons than one.

You can wear them through ANYTHING

Whether you're lifting, running, swimming, biking, crushing a CrossFit WOD, working in the yard, working on your car, or anything else that involves your hands, you can wear these flexible wedding bands through anything.

They're flexible, so if your finger swells a bit, you don't have to worry about losing circulation. Last year my wife and I were in Las Vegas. My fingers tend to swell in the heat, especially when walking a lot like you do in Vegas. I had my tungsten band with me and literally had to grease it with lotion to get it on and off. It was horrible.

Also, these are made from a thick, rugged, silicone material, so you never have to worry about damaging them, and if they do end up getting caught on something, they'll usually job pop off your finger rather than something a lot worse.

They're 1/10th (or less) of the Cost

A wedding band made from precious metal can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you do end up losing them or need a different size, you're probably facing this same cost again to do so.

These functional fitness bands from the Active Living Store are well under $20, which makes the replacement cost negligible, and gives you plenty of budget to pick up a few different styles!

They Won't Jeopardize Your Finger in a Bad Situation

Wearing a big circle of metal around your finger can be pretty dangerous, especially in active situations.

Metals like gold are soft, and can bend around the bones in your finger so they have to be cut off with emergency equipment.

Other metals like tungsten are extremely hard, and not only are extremely difficult to cut off, but they can also shatter on high impact, which is what happened to me.

I was wearing my wedding band during a quick pick up game of basketball on evening, and slammed it on the rim trying to block someone. My ring shattered into half a dozen pieces with several of them staying lodged in my finger.

I had to dig them out, really painfully, with tweezers, and obviously had to get my ring replaced, which was not cheap.

With functional fitness bands, this is never an issue. These can remain on your finger through any activity and be completely safe.

You Don't Have to Worry About Losing Them

For those who don't like to wear their jewelry during physical activity, which is understandable given the costs and risks involved, an active fitness band solves this issue completely.

You don't have to worry about your ring getting left behind, stolen, or lost because you never have to take it off in the first place. Just wear it during your workout and wash it with soap and water afterwards. 

Your Significant Other Will Appreciate It!

If you're like most married individuals, you don't like it when your significant other removes their wedding band.

Since you can wear these through anything, you never have to worry about your mate getting mad at you for removing your ring!

Pick up an active flexible wedding band here. Choose from any of our styles and get free shipping every day!


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