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The 3 major problems with most earbud bluetooth headphones, and our answer

Aside from people doing curls in the squat rack, there's nothing worse during a workout than a set of bluetooth headphones that I have to keep messing with to get them to stay in my ears. It's distracting, annoying, and unsafe.

There are a few reasons this happens that are...

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3 Keys to Getting Your Body Ready for Pool Season

As I write this post, pool season is just around the corner.

When you walk on that pool deck for the first time this year, you want to show off the best version of yourself, and try not to get injured in the process.

That extra fat you're carrying around...

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Three Incredibly Simple Ways to Lose Five Pounds (Without Completely Changing Your Routine)

For years, I ran a productivity website teaching people about habit change, getting more by doing less, and a lot more. I learned a lot from those days, especially about making habits stick.

Making any type of change in your life, by definition, is going to be a stray from...

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The Essential Step-by-Step Formula for Supercharging Fat Loss - An Active Living Ultimate Guide

Want abs? Need to drop weight for an upcoming race? Just want to look better when you're taking mirror selfies?

Then learning the skill of supercharging fat loss is essential to your fitness goals.

Look - Stuff happens. Weight fluctuates. Sometimes you fall off the wagon and let yourself go. It's...

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Five Simple Tips to Avoid Packing on the Holiday Pounds

As I write this, Thanksgiving weekend has just passed. Typically this gluttonous holiday is followed by a 3-4 pound increase. The same is true for the Christmas holiday weekend as well.

In fact, with many holidays, get togethers, and events, food and alcohol are the centerpieces that everything else revolves...

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